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Our body is with us for a lifetime. It is our soul keeper and the one showing out every kind of emotion. It helps us creating effective relationships with people. Amara Wellness is proud to help you keeping the beauty and the harmony of such a valuable and unique thing. Dare to be the best version of yourself!


  • RADIO FREQUENCY (25 or 55 ' sessions), (firming, anti-cellulite and anti-sagging) 
  • LPG ( 25 or 55 ' sessions) (firming, sculpting, remodeling, antiretention and cellulite) 
  • VMAT + mesotherapy acoustic waves ( 25 or 55  sessions') (anti-cellulite and firming) 
  • Cavitation (meetings of 25 or 55 ') (grease, volume loss and cellulite) 
    • Plates 45 '(generalized grease) 
    • Maniple (grease localized) 
    • Cavitation + RF (firming, anti-cellulite)
  • Cryolipolysis ( 25 'and 55' sessions) (special volume, against grease,  firmness and reducing) 
  • LIPOCELL ( 25 'and 45' sessions) (sculpts, reducer, retention and invigorating) 
  • LipoLaser ( 40' sessions) (special volume, grease, and reducing fluid retention) 
  • ELECTROESTIMULACION ( 55' sessions) (invigorating, draining and reducing) 
  • THERMAL BLANKET - thermo-sweating - 55 sessions' (special volume, grease, reducing and detoxifying) 
  • PRESSOTHERAPY: whole legs and abdomen (sessions 20'-30 ') (reducer, fluid retention, tired legs, draining and anti-cellulite) 
  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy and pain therapies.

 You can only enjoy every moment in life having an integral well-being. Amara Wellness helps you taking away all those things that prevent you from happiness...take a taste of every moment's beauty with nothing oin your way your way!