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Innovative product directly acquired and designed by German engineering. Cardio machine (elliptical, stepper, recumber, bicycle etc.) Is performed for a time of between 30 to 60 minutes (to choose by the client) with a belt or pants special PVC. The airpressure Bodyforming-Concept-method (ABC-one) increases blood circulation in areas of localized fat following two pressure chambers. A basis of alternating pressure phase with a relaxation in the abdominal area at the time of training, the body reacts and sends blood to the subcutaneous tissue and fat tissue respective graso.La decomposes and is transported to the active muscle to meet demand energy caused by exercise. Through this process, helps eliminate localized fat in the parts that interest you most. The results are surprising to 8 cm reduction outline in a month. 

And now.......slimbelly / notebook legs, you can make your favorite sport or discipline, zumba, spinning, running or neoprene cintuón your losing fat from the area that you need not find out.