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Each stage of life is unique and special. Every moment makes its mark and makes us grow, move forward. 

Our special programs allow you to enjoy the best of every moment, helping you to forget the little annoyances and inconveniences that accompany our life changes. 

Live fully, put in the hands of our specialists. 


We present our special programs: 


Special retention (antihinchazon and loss of diameter) 
Special buttocks and flanks (firming and reducing) 
Special arms (anti-sagging, firming and reducing) 
Special effects of menopause (antihinchazon, fat burners and gear) 
Fat Burners Sports: to sweat! (cardio, toning, fat burners and gear) 
Special brides (indulge yourself and get our hands on such a special day) 
Special toning sagging (anti-sagging, firming and toning) 
Special Course (strengthener arms, legs, balance and flexibility) 
Special pregnancy (improves circulation, facilitates the removal of liquids and postural improvement antihinchazon) 
Special postpartum (gets your body, anti-sagging, facial stain eliminator liquid antihinchazon, toning and recovery) 
Special fibromyalgia (strengthening and pain relief C) 
Special osteoporosis (strengthening and mobilizing) 
Special healthy back (strengthener, postural correction and recovery.